When will Duromine start working?

Duromine has been used for treatment of overweight or obesity more than 45 years. This drug is well studied by health professionals, popular among consumers and effective for weight reduction. Duromine has already helped millions of people learn to control the appetite, get rid of the hated fat and reduce waist circumference.

Nevertheless, the number of people diagnosed with obesity is increasing rapidly. People are more and more often prescribed with drug therapy of obesity by means of Duromine. Those, who have never taken anti-obesity drugs, want to know more on how and when Duromine starts working.

This review is useful for people who just plan to treat obesity, as well as those who are already taking Duromine and want to reach the goal faster. Duromine really works, but the result of this work may depend on many factors.

Additional information may be required for people who have resumed or started a repeated course of obesity treatment with Duromine. Some of them say that at second time Duromine doesn’t work or works not as effectively as before.

Duromine really works and effectively fights overweight or obesity. This fact is confirmed by a variety of clinical trials, post-marketing studies, as well as consumer reviews. However, if a person does not “help” Duromine to act, weight loss results can be minimal.

When and how long is Duromine working?

  • Duromine is classified as long-acting anorectic drug.

Duromine capsules contain 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of active substance Phentermine. This active ingredient stimulates certain parts of the brain and suppresses craving for food.

Duromine starts working immediately after the first capsule. Optimal anorectic effect is achieved within the first week of using Duromine drug.

Phentermine is contained in capsules as resin and this makes the work of Duromine more efficient. Active substance Phentermine is gradually released from the resin and this provides a long anorectic action.

Duromine capsules are better to take together with breakfast.

Phentermine as resin provides long work of Duromine. If to take Duromine in the morning, appetite will be suppressed during most of the day (on the average 12 hours).

How can I make Duromine to work more effectively?

Like any other appetite suppressant, Duromine is prescribed as part of weight loss program.

Duromine starts to efficiently work when all conditions listed below are met:

  • Use of the drug every day at the same time
  • Increase of physical activity level
  • Maximum limitation or giving up unhealthy eating

Duromine will work without following a special diet; however, this work lies only in appetite reduction.

To Duromine causes a steady and significant weight loss, a balanced diet should be observed. Given that Duromine suppresses appetite during most of the day, changes in dietary preferences should not cause difficulties.

Physical exercise increases the rate of fat burning and improves the work of metabolism. Duromine does not affect directly metabolic processes in the body. However, clinical studies have revealed that during the use of this drug, the number of people with high cholesterol decreases in the studied groups.

  1. Duromine work to reduce weight can prevent or reduce progression of other diseases.
  2. For example, weight loss is an important stage in the treatment of obese women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

What can interfere Duromine to start working?

Effectiveness of doses and dosing schedules of Duromine are confirmed by clinical trials that used different models of testing of intermediate and final results.

The best weight loss results were achieved by trial participants who significantly changed their lifestyle (well-balanced diet, intensive training 1-2 times a week and daily workouts) during Duromine use.

If anti-obesity therapy does not cause significant weight loss, look for reason why Duromine is not working. The main causes of slow weight loss is the use of low-dose of Duromine and insufficient efforts to change lifestyle.