Transformation of the body

Transformation of the body

Are you willing to change? Are you willing to lose weight? Are you willing to begin a healthy lifestyle? Are you willing to learn how to eat properly and enjoy the food that provides you with energy and health? You are willing to do these for a long time, yet you keep putting off the new lifestyle and your new body for the next Monday…

Your life is insanely busy:

  • you go to work;
  • you have many tasks;
  • your children test you for strength every day, especially in the morning before school;
  • you have so many reasons (= excuses) why you did not manage to start looking after yourself yet;

Or maybe you already go to the gym, yet you do not have enough willpower to manage your nutrition. Or maybe you think that you do everything correctly, yet the expected results are not in a hurry to appear. Or you are constantly frustrated and can not control your appetite at certain times of the day?

What’s going on? What stops, prevents you from doing what you want so much and for such a long time?

Maybe you do not have enough willpower?

Let us surprise you. Willpower has nothing to do with it. If you try to keep on a diet only based on your willpower, you will definitely fail sooner or later. Cave in. And the cycle will be repeated again…

Why? Because will power is a muscle and it can be overworked, like any muscle. What happens to the muscles when you overtrain them? That’s right, they refuse to work!

Same thing happens to your new regime, if you are trying to do it all with the help of your willpower alone, without understanding the deep causes and goals of your body, and without using all of its available resources. Your willpower will simply collapse and you will wake up with your face in a cake, punishing yourself for lack of will and inability to control your own behavior.

So What’s Going On? Why Diets Do Not Work?

The fact is that diets rely only on your willpower, and willpower is your conscious side of thinking. Most diets “forget” about one of the most important components of human psychology. Subconscious!

The subconsciousness directs 90% of your behavior. When you try to achieve results completely ignoring it, the conscious processes that reflect only 10% of your thinking processes are just doomed to failure.

How Do You Gain Control Over Your Own Eating Behavior?

First, let’s take a closer look at what hunger is. The true physical hunger comes gradually:

  • you feel it in the stomach,
  • you can satisfy it with various foods,
  • hunger passes after you have eaten.

*The physical hunger is very simple. You feel it, you eat, it leaves along with the desire to continue eating.

*Emotional hunger is very cunning. It occurs, as if unexpectedly, and demands urgent satisfaction:

  • you feel it in your head,
  • you see pictures of cakes, sweets, and you fix on them, and they do not let you go until
  • you satisfy your desire in this product.

Such nutritional dependencies – needs are very specific. Emotional hunger does not go away, even when you are already physically satiated. Very often, such hunger is satisfied in solitude. You are as if hiding from other people, while stuffing your mouth with chips. Through eating up, you are trying to fill up for the emotional emptiness that is outside the physical space of your body.

What Is Will Power?

It is the ability to:

  • postpone the satisfaction of the need,
  • choose pleasure in achieving a goal in a distant future, and not here and now at a given second.

It is discipline and self-control. It’s the ability to put off what you want now and choose what you want most, but later, in the future. Choose not what is directly in front of you, but what will happen soon, if you continue moving towards the goal and make the right choice every time.

negationsIt is a decision, when you say “no” to the present moment and say “yes” to some abstract idea that exists only in your head. It is a decision to say “no” to any pleasure, which is directly in front of you and contrary to your goals.

When you decide to start taking care of your health, how do you formulate this decision? Let me guess. You say, “I want to lose weight, and get rid of extra pounds”.

That is, you immediately start with a goal that is:

  • formulated negatively,
  • aimed at pain and discomfort,
  • implies a loss of something.

The pain of excess weight, shortness of breath, sluggishness, feelings of guilt, irritation, discontent with oneself, inability to enjoy 100% with the surrounding world, communication, etc. everything that you want to get rid of.

How does the weight loss process usually begin? The trainer asks the question, “Why do you want to do this?” The answer is usually, “Because I want to feel good or look beautiful”.

And then, as a continuation of the logical process, you will get instructions “HOW”. For example,

  1. stop eating sweet and floury foods,
  2. take the list of approved products,
  3. follow the principles of “clean eating”,
  4. begin exercising X times a week.

In this process, you miss two most important steps that will determine the success of the entire campaign and will help you change your behavior.

I. Knowing What You Want.

Something that inspires you, where you want to get, what you want to achieve.

  1. “I want to lose 5 kg” – is not an inspiring goal.This is superficial garbage.
  2. “I want to lose 5 kg and get into the jeans I wore when I was 19 y.o.” – a little closer, yet not significant enough.

“I want to lose 5 kg, get into the jeans I wore when I was 19, I want to wake up every morning full of energy, meet the dawn with enthusiasm and a 5 km jog, feel the strength of my muscles, the power and ease of my body movements, I want to play football with my children and feel younger every day and wait for a new day to live it again to the full!” is an example of a goal that can inspire and give an incredible amount of mental strength to overcome any barriers on your way.

Ii. Knowing The Reason “why” You Want It.

You have to determine your deep why, which will bring tears to your eyes every time you think about it. The “why” that will motivate you every time you think about it.

willpowerThe reason “to wear a size 6” will never become that driving force that will help you in the most difficult moments of your life. This reason is:

  • superficial,
  • imposed by society,
  • made up to tell people and get rid of their questions,
  • the answer that the questioner rather wants to hear.

It is not enough to create real change.

Continue asking, “why, why do you want to improve your health and gain a beautiful body? What does it mean for you to be healthy and fit?” Again and again, until the reason touches your heart and finds a response in your soul.

So, you need to clearly understand what exactly you want and why you want it. Only then should you proceed to the third part – HOW exactly you will achieve it.

It is worth noting once again that willpower is not intended for long-term use in the fight against:

  • emotional hunger,
  • emotional overeating,
  • other unconscious forms of eating behavior.

It can be successfully used in “short distances”, for example, to have 7 days of detox or 10 days without sugar challenge. Willpower is not a tool that you can use to achieve stable results for life, because willpower does not solve the original cause of your unconscious eating behavior and emotional hunger.

Emotional overeating does not happen because you are surrounded by food. Emotional overeating happens, because you do not know how to manage your emotions.

working momEmotional overeating is a strategy of survival, when emotions are suppressed and emotional needs remain completely unsatisfied. If you have no other strategies for dealing with emotional stress, you will always return to eating, as a means of salvation from external and internal problems.

For example, if you are a working mom, who tries to keep the whole world on your shoulders and more… cook, clean, feed, make lessons, write a project report, take to the football class, have a manicure, call all clients, communicate with your husband, help the old parents, spend 2 hours in a traffic jam…

Perhaps, you do not give yourself the opportunity to get closer to your friends to such an extent that you can call one of them and ask for help. Or you feel a massive guilt at the thought that it would be great to go out for a walk alone and clear your head of the noise and stress of the day, and never do it.

Thus, the chocolate bar becomes an instant and quick way to “fix” yourself and your emotional condition. It works almost every time, yet only for a short time and causes all other negative consequences.

How often are you in such a condition at the end of the day, when your brain is so “roasted” that people can do literally everything with you, you are not at all capable of thinking about anything at all, and anyone can “sell” you any idea?

Your will power works in the same way. The physiology and chemistry of the brain processes is the same in both cases. You just choose the easiest and most attractive outcome of events, just not to strain once again.

Many people can easily agree with the following scenario, “I do not understand what’s happening to me! During the day, I eat so well, and in the evening, after work, I always spoil it all with another binging attack!!!”

The reason for such behavior is very simple. Your willpower and decision-making process have been worn out during the day. In the evening, you simply surrender to the inflow of information and choose (unconsciously!) the easiest way to discharge emotional energy.

The process works like a clock, “I’m tired (I’m in pain) – chocolate will make me happy (give me pleasure)”. This process is aimed at masking the symptom, rather than solving the problem. The problem in this case is your emotional state, and you make the decision to simply crush it with a blood sugar inflow instead of taking measures to solve it in a “peaceful” way.

You become addicted to food and feel your powerlessness towards your own behavior, which “makes” you stuff up on food at moments of emotional stress.

To say “no” to a box of chocolates or a hot dog at the end of the day, or when all the emotional resources are already running out, you need to have an inspiring, desirable, attractive goal – an idea in your imagination – it will give you the strength to take another million decision and make a choice in favor of an apple or even a cucumber.

That is why it is important to start the healing process from setting a clear goal and determining the real deep reason why you want it, and then your goal will become that powerful magnet that will guide your behavior in the right direction, regardless of fatigue and stress level.

The process of successful goals achievement also includes the components of working with:

  • emotional blocks,
  • methods for changing subconscious processes and attitudes,
  • developing new strategies for managing your emotions,
  • realizing your deep personal needs and finding ways to meet them.

Nutritional behavior reflects your deep thinking processes and you must get to know yourself to achieve a balance in the physical and spiritual areas.