Spices for weight loss

Spices for weight loss

Spices not only improve the taste of food, but our form, as well.

To obtain the required energy material for sustaining life process, human body needs food. Modern people needs food not only to stave off hunger. Consuming food, as primitive as it may sound, is one of the greatest pleasures that allow us turn the simple process of saturation into the greatest joy, and even the object of desire.

Often, however, this is what plays a cruel joke with us. And this is when we are changing dietary roles. As a result, it is not us who regulates the satisfaction of our needs, but our needs in this very food become the “commanders in chief” of our behavior.

The result can be a sad one, if you don’t take the reins in your own hands and not call human mind for help to the food instinct. What can we do to not allow the food, while bringing enjoyment and benefit, become a source of problems, such as overweight and obesity?

Spices or herbs?

Oddly enough, it is also food that comes to help us. Even in ancient times, people got acquainted to a number of amazing substances of vegetable origin, which even in small quantities have a pronounced specific taste and aroma.

pepper and bay leafLater, they were called kitchen herbs, by analogy with the pepper. While as the name “spices” belongs to other substances, usually of non-plant origin, such as:

  • salt,
  • sugar,
  • vinegar,
  • baking soda.

In contrast to herbs, their purpose is to give food the basic taste or consistency, preparing it for consumption. The confusion in the names of these groups, as it turned out, was created by chefs themselves, who were often using the name “spice” for frequently used herbs, like pepper and bay leaf.

Of course, no one would argue that such substances, as salt, sugar and vinegar are extremely beneficial to the body, and especially contribute to weight loss. In this case, we should be talking about herbs – mysterious exotic spices of plant origin, which are such parts of plants, like:

  • roots,
  • fruits,
  • seeds,
  • stems,
  • leaves.

Even in tiny amount, they are capable of making food fragrant and attractive, deprive blandness and give a specific flavor shade.

Most herbs have a strong aroma and a rich, concentrated, and often burning taste. It is natural, therefore, that, thanks to these qualities, these condiments will have a stimulating effect on the digestion and will strengthen the production of gastric juices and enzymes.

Is it good or bad?

It is good, because this will speed up and ease the process of digestion and nutrients assimilation. Fast metabolism is unlikely to contribute to the deposition of fat and waste in the body.

It is bad, because the increase in the secretory activity of the stomach and intestines creates the demand for something to digest, thus provoking increased appetite.

How should you act in such a difficult situation?

Experienced nutritionists suggest a way out – a moderate use of condiments, necessary for each particular dish.

red pepper

Basil, for example, is perfect for meat dishes, while as the desserts go best with a pinch of cinnamon, which gives an unforgettable taste experience with an apple. The most common Pepper is truly a universal spice and may be used to improve the flavor of:

  • salads,
  • marinades,
  • soups,
  • meat
  • vegetable dishes.

In contrast to the usual black pepper, red pepper should be used with care to avoid causing mucosal burns when added to dishes with rice, sausages and pate, as well as the fried poultry. Carnation in whole is indispensable for pickling, and its powder will improve the taste and give a unique flavor to minced meat and pate.

Not a single cooking woman may live without the noble bay leaves, adding them to the first and second courses, and, of course, sauces and marinades. Vanilla found its use in confectionery products.

The second way to a perfect body by using herbs lies in giving taste and flavor to such products and dishes that, besides being useful and healthy, have a low caloric value, as well! Thus, if you consume food in adequate amounts and both tasty and fragrant due to herbs, you may lose weight without fasting!

Thus, if you consume food in adequate amounts and both tasty and fragrant due to herbs, you may lose weight without fasting!

The taste of cabbage, for example, will be enriched with marjoram, while as the cucumbers become a simply divine delicacy, if combined with dill. Young basil will turn a tomato salad or other green vegetables into a gourmet delicacy.

ChervilChervil will give a delicious flavor and aroma not only to the usual eggs and vegetables, but also to any pates. Dishes made of root vegetables and gourds will be even tastier with thyme. Casseroles go with rosemary, seafood – with oregano, bean soup – with thyme, milkshakes – with mint.

This extremely tasty and low-calorie menu continue forever, since modern shops and markets the richest choice of a wide variety of herbs and spices. Let us not forget the fact that any, even the most unattractive dish, skillfully decorated with sprigs of fresh herbs, looks much more attractive and appetizing.

In fact, it is another very clever “maneuver” for the innocent deceit of the body, which get the least amount of calories and maximum benefit, when getting healthy food. With the abundance of herbs varieties, you will surely be able to create your own favorite recipes with spices for weight loss.

Additional bonus

Here comes another bonus that you may get through beneficial spices in the fight for a healthy body. If you flavor your food with herbs instead of salt, they will not become any less tasty, but on the contrary, will obtain an original taste and flavor.

Such measure will bring several benefits for your weight loss process:

  • The body will cease to detain the fluid, which will positively influence your weight loss.
  • The work of the excretory and cardiovascular systems will be improved. Remember that these systems play an important role in your health and appearance.
  • Instead of harmful sodium, the body he will get vitamins (for example, peppers contain a huge dose of vitamin C) or a dose of antiseptics for the intestinal microflora recovery, contained in mustard.

If you start actively using herbs, you will be able to abandon usual oil, mayonnaise or sour cream when dressing salads and cooking. You will certainly love some of these alternative dressings:

  • oyster, soy or fish sauce,
  • Japanese wasabi made from horseradish
  • Korean kimchi made from salted cabbage.

Thus, a skillful use of combinations of a variety of condiments on your dining table will not only help you to effectively lose weight, but will also improve and ease the process of digestion, enrich the body with useful substances and vitamins to boost the immune system, and, of course, will make each of your meals a memorable one!

The main thing is not to abuse hot spices in large quantities, and remember, better a little fire to warm us than a great one to burn us.