Minus 38 kg in 10 months: how exactly Christina Aguilera lost weight

Christina Aguilera

Sorry, girls, but I am just boiling over. You sit here, sweeter than a fresh cucumber and never have anything heavier than a salad leaf, sweat in the gym for hours, and the scales indicator moved down by some miserable couple of kilos. And then another colleague with a box of chocolates, husband with an invitation to grab burgers at the weekend and… Christina Aguilera, who lost 38 kg in 10 months.

Of course, we all understand, they are celebrities. They have professional nutritionists, personal trainers and a cook who divinely cooks the notorious salad leaf. But still, it is hard to believe. We asked the professionals to check out the photo of Christina Aguilera before and after the magical transformation.

EXPERT’S OPINION no. 1 (doctor-psychotherapist, author of a patented technique for correcting eating behavior and weight loss, member of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM, USA))
I do not find the fact that Christina Aguilera lost 38 kg in 10 months to be surprising at all. Our patients regularly show the same results. At that, they don’t observe any rigid weight loss diets and grueling training schedule. By the way, both can, on the contrary, slow down the weight loss process, reducing the rate of metabolic processes. It is clear that the singer shed weight in a very physiological way.

At the initial stage, she had quite a considerable amount of extra weight. Therefore, I admit that she could lose about 7-9 kg during the first month:

  • mostly at the expense of retained water,
  • then some amount of muscle tissue (about 1.5 kg),
  • a small amount of fat.

Then, it is quite possible to get rid of 4-5 kg ​​per month without harming your health. In the following months, the weight will be reduced due to fat. The amount of muscle mass may also decrease. However, by adding reasonable physical activities to the weight loss campaign, these losses can be avoided.

Such a smooth weight loss allows you to get rid of excess kilos without gaining any excess skin. Christina is quite a young woman, and her skin is capable of tightening up to the desired volume with certain care, like:

  • massages,
  • wraps,
  • cosmetic machine treatments.

As for the nutrition, to achieve such result, it is enough to:

  • reduce the caloric value of the daily menu by an average of 500 kcal,
  • remove all garbage (fast food, white flour, trans fats, white sugar) from the menu,
  • minimize the consumption of simple sugars – not more than 10% of the daily caloric intake,
  • increase the amount of high-fiber foods (greenery, unsweetened fruits and non-starchy vegetables).

If it seems to you that such menu is quite scarce and will hardly bring long-lasting satiation, keep in mind that you should also include in it foods that contain substances that help you feel full with their small amount, like:

  • right proteins (lean white meat, egg white),
  • dishes with polyunsaturated fatty acids (fish, a small amount of nuts and seeds, olive and flaxseed oils, avocados).

Nutrition review and increased physical activity are not the only steps that you need to take to improve your body shape.

It is also very important to provide your body with:

  • sufficient hydration,
  • 7-8 hour sleep,
  • additional vitamin and microelement complex (magnesium, group B vitamins, D vitamin, iron, omega-6 and others as needed).

During the process of weight normalization, many of essential nutrients are required in larger quantities, which often increases appetite and makes weight loss uncomfortable. The doctor will help you find a suitable complex for you.

EXPERT’S OPINION no. 2 (Plastic surgeon, Professor of the Plastic Surgery Department, expert at a plastic surgery clinic).

On the one hand, it is quite possible to lose 38 kg in 10 months on your own. On the other hand, hereditarily caused local fatty deposits – so-called fatty traps often remain in place after weight stabilization.

Christina Aguilera lost weightThese can be located in:

  • lower third of the face (the second chin, cheeks),
  • hips,
  • stomach.

If Christina had any of these, I do not exclude the possibility that she could resort to the help of a plastic surgeon and adjusted one of the zones through liposuction.

By the way, contrary to popular belief, liposuction is not one of the fast weight loss methods. It allows only to correct the flaws of the figure. Moreover, modern plastic surgery methods allow doing this without interruption from the main activity, even in case of a public profession. In particular, vaser liposuction allows removing local fat deposits. At that, the fat is removed along with skin tightening.

Of course, you do need to wear foundation garment some time. However, within 5 days after the correction, you can take it off for 2-3 hours and appear in public, including in open suits. This correction method leaves virtually no traces on the skin. This is why, I can surely say that if Christina used liposuction, she probably used the vaser lipo.