How to make your figure perfect in 21 days

To become Aphrodite, sea foam is not enough. You also need massage, baths, creams, dumbbells, and vitamins. Learn more about how you can change your body beyond recognition in 21 days.

Day 1


Download to your phone motivating photos (at least Victoria’s Secret angels) and smart apps. Free Lifesum app not only tracks the food you consume and counts calories, but also picks up the optimal weight loss program. Specify your initial weight and height, the desired weight and duration of the diet – and get your recommended caloric value of the daily menu.

The best application for the iPhone by Apple in 2013 – Moves. This pedometer with a built-in GPS-module and gyroscope monitors your movements around the city, reading routes and ways of movement (step, run, transport).

Those who forget to drink water, will benefit from Water Balance. This app calculates for free how much water you need, and advises about tea, wine and other things. For example, the standard cappuccino from Starbucks annuls the glass of water drunk before it.

In Cream Colors

CREAM COLORSBegin using cream for weight loss. Before applying, warm the skin with a washcloth in the shower. This helps:

  • improve blood microcirculation,
  • activate skin cells,
  • the cream to quickly absorb and work better.

Do not forget about peeling once or twice a week. Scrubs and gels with exfoliating effect remove the horny layer of the skin and improve its receptivity. If you have a sensitive skin, your choice is scrubs with fine synthetic granules. Natural abrasives (apricot bone, for example) can damage your skin.

Day 3

Drop And Give Me 50

  1. Begin your home workout with a five-minute warm-up. Heat the neck, shoulder, elbow, hip and knee joints, and properly stretch the muscles of the legs and hands. Then, proceed as follows:
  2. Do the lunges forward: three sets of twelve to fifteen times per foot. Do the squats: the same amount of repetitions.Complete the same number of pelvic lifts from the supine position.
  3. Switch to the abs: the usual crunches on the floor up, legs lifting and “bicycle” – twelve to fifteen times in three sets.
  4. To strengthen your hands, do push-ups from the floor or bed in three sets of twelve to fifteen repetitions, and then – as many push-ups from the chair from the sitting position for triceps.

*Do this whole set half an hour, five times a week.

Supplements For Help

SUPPLEMENTSYou will need vitamins and dietary supplements. Vitamins are the same biological supplement. For example,

  • Vitamin C helps to process glucose into energy, and not into fat.
  • Vitamin B6 normalizes the functioning of the thyroid gland, the disturbances in which lead to excess weight.

Supplements regulate the feeling of hunger, and burn fats. Yet they should be chosen only by a doctor.

Train Online

Do not forget about YouTube. One of the coolest fitness programs – Insanity by coach Shaun T. – is available online. Cardio training with strength elements is performed six days a week. Yes, you will have to sweat, yet in six weeks you will get an almost Olympic award – a wonderful body.

Get In The Ring!

Buy Wii console for your TV. It will allow you to play tennis, golf, basketball and even have boxing matches on your own or in a company of friends at your home. The movements of the players in front of the TV are displayed on the screen. After such virtual games, muscles hurt no less than they do after the real ones.

Day 5

Bath From Heaven

BATH FROM HEAVENMoving on to water treatments. A cosmetologist-therapist of a beauty and spa center, advises:

  • Salt baths remove excess liquid from the body. Dissolve 350-400 g of sea salt in a bowl of hot water and pour into a hot bath (perfect temperature is 34-37°C).If the skin slightly tingles, do not worry – it’s normal. Take such a bath no longer than half an hour, two or three times a week.
  • Citrus baths help in the fight against the “orange peel”. Dissolve six to ten drops of any citrus essential oil in warm milk and add the mixture to your bath.If you are prone to allergies, better consult a doctor first.

Day 7


Hooray, let’s have a massage! A good professional massage is capable of saving you from the orange peel almost painlessly (some people even fall asleep during the procedure).

For those, who get claustrophobic during wrapping treatments, there exists a special massage with algae, after which the skin becomes tight and elastic.

Solar System

SOLAR SYSTEMA bit of beach alchemy… Two weeks before going to the beach, start using products that prepare your skin for sunbathing, for example, the spray Lancaster Tan Preparer. Its main component is a complex with a combination of sweet orange seeds and achiote tree (annato), rich in beta-carotene.

It stimulates the production of melanin and its uniform distribution in the skin without exposure to the sun. When you begin sunbathing, melanin will be produced more actively, and your tan will be more intense and last longer than usual.

Day 14

Endosphere TherapySqueeze Out By Drops

The winning march sounds! The figure on the scales is no longer so sinister and it seems that you need a pair of new jeans. But do not rush to celebrate. During the week that you have left, you can not only nullify all past efforts, but even gain weight.

Better consider seriously to continue with machine treatments. One of the most effective is the Endosphere Therapy. In fifty minutes, your legs and abdomen will be worked through with a special device Endosphere Ak55.

Through combining vibration and compression:

  • it activates blood circulation and lymph flow,
  • speeds up metabolic processes,
  • eliminates stagnant phenomena.

Active working through the problem areas (knees, hips, calves, buttocks, waist and even feet) affects, in particular, deep subcutaneous fat layers, which are usually difficult to work through in the gym.

The machine literally squeezes out excess fluid from the tissues, so you can not call the process pleasant. Still, you will not feel like posting in the Instagram with hashtags #horriblepain. Although, for the result – minus a centimeter in volume after the first procedure – you can forgive it.

In two weeks of proper nutrition, baths, exercise and massage, you will definitely lose one size. The main thing is not to nullify the result within seven days.

Day 19


Do hair removal two or three days before the vacation. Your skin needs to restore before you go out to the beach. This will help you minimize the risk of pigment spots or burns.

Keep in mind that the sun and salt water drastically dry the skin (and, as you know, dry skin is the best friend of growing hair), so stock up on body oils and do not ignore whey and tonic from ingrown hairs (e.g. Ingrown-X-It Solution by Lycon).

The composition of these drugs must include acids (primarily – salicylic), since they exfoliate the upper layers of the skin and allow the hairs to grow without any obstacles.

Day 20

It All Goes Down To Legs

To make sure that your beach happiness is not shadowed with chipped nail polish and the heels, which suddenly become rough in a couple of days after the beginning of the vacation, have a proper pedicure before leaving for the seaside.

pedicureIf your pedicure master does not provide all further steps, kindly ask her/him to do it:

  • nutritious scrub (with almond, jojoba and shea oils)
  • clay mask
  • proper gentle cleansing

These steps will help you get clean and refreshed feet without damaging the skin.

As for the nails, ask for a super-lasting polish and surely apply top coat, which will extend the period of the enamel duration.

Day 21

monokiniZip It!

And now, finally, shopping! Of course, you can buy a lovely bikini, but we would very much recommend a monokini with a zipper with a high cut on the hips. Such swimsuit will you’re your waist look even thinner, and your legs – even longer.

The zipper adds up the intrigue, since the depth of the cleavage depends solely on your mood. And to make sure that everyone appreciates the pedicure, you will need bright sandals. What else? Oh yes! A hat. Which matches in appearance the swimsuit, the sea and the sky.