Lower Body: quick weight loss exercise

Lower Body Fitness

Have you already heard about Lower Body, which is the intense strength workouts that help to quickly tone your legs, buttocks, back, and abs? Keep reading to find out what it is and how you should exercise to lose weight fast!

Lower Body Fitness – what is it?

Lower BodyAs you might guess from the name, this training is aimed at working on your lower body muscles. This high-intensity training with special equipment allows to quickly achieve perfect body definition and get rid of excess fat on your hips, legs and abdomen.

Exercises will be particularly effective for you, if you have a “pear” shaped body with bulky hips and slim upper body part.

These exercises are recommended even for beginners. Yet, they might find them hard at the beginning, because it is a high-intensity aerobic workout. During this effective weight loss workouts program, muscles are maximally loaded through intensive exercises at a rapid pace. Pace gradually reduces by the end of workouts, but you will have to sweat quite a lot at the beginning.

Another characteristic of the fat burning exercise plan Lower Body is the use of additional equipment, such as dumbbells, step-platform, body-bars and other. This allows making the exercises dynamic and diversifies the load on your muscles.

Every workout is dedicated to lower body. It doesn’t aim working on your arms, chest and upper back. Therefore, it is advisable to combine Lower Body with other exercises to harmoniously work out the entire body. If your main weight loss goal is to shape your legs, abs and buttocks, do not hesitate to sign up for Lower Body.

What is the fat burning workout plan for Lower Body

You can find this group cardio workout in many fitness clubs. It is best to perform it in a group, where the atmosphere of the workout helps to not give up and continue exercising at an intense pace. But you can try doing these weight loss exercises at home: you can find many videos with Lower Body workouts by professional trainers on the Internet.

A standard workout lasts about an hour. Half of it is focused entirely over leg muscles – the inner and outer thighs, buttock muscles and calves. This fat burning exercise program usually includes standing exercises:

  • squats,
  • lunges,
  • various high kicks,
  • jumping.

Many of the exercises are performed with body-bars. Start with light ones and gradually increase the weight, if you really want to achieve fast fat loss results. Do not be afraid about enlarging your muscles. Such workouts a couple of times a week will not transform you into a professional bodybuilder. But they will definitely help you shape your body and lose weight quickly, especially when combined with a proper diet plan.