How to get a prescription for Duromine

Despite the fact that safety and efficiency of Duromine for obesity treatment are confirmed by numerous clinical trials, it belongs to prescription drugs. This means that patients suffering from overweight can buy Duromine by prescription only.

Before to write a prescription for Duromine, a healthcare provider must make sure that this drug is really necessary for the patient and that it does not lead to side effects.

Therefore, during the initial consultation, various analyzes and tests are prescribed.
Such precautions are necessary to exclude the availability of allergic reactions to Duromine components, as well as to identify possible secondary causes of obesity.

If the patient uses adrenergic blockers, thyroid hormones or other sympathomimetics, he should necessarily inform the medical doctor before getting prescription for Duromine.

Health worker may decide not to give a prescription for Duromine to patients whose body mass index (BMI) less than 30 kg / m2, since in this case the use of this drug increases the risk of unwanted side effects. In case of acute need, the doctor may write a prescription to the patient with a BMI of 25 and above on condition that the state of this patient will be continuously monitored.

Duromine is contraindicated during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that this drug may cause undesirable consequences affecting the health of unborn baby. It should also be noted that Duromine is contraindicated in children, so children under 12 years of age cannot get prescription for Duromine.

Prescription for Duromine is written on a special form, where first name and last name of the patient are indicated, the international name of the drug and the needed dosage, as well as personal data of the therapist. The form is certified by stamp and personal signature of the medical doctor. Furthermore, if necessary, he can send electronic prescription for Duromine to pharmacy.

Some online pharmacies provide a service of issuing prescriptions for Duromine online after remote consultation with the doctor. However, this method of getting the prescription is legal only in some US States. However, many online pharmacies require an original prescription for Duromine, written on the form.