Generic Duromine 30mg

Duromine is original name of weight loss drug Phentermine. There are many generics Duromine on global pharmaceutical market. If person was prescribed Duromine 30mg pills for obesity treatment, but they are quite pricey in city pharmacies, he can replace them with cheaper generics Duromine 30mg.

Generic Duromine is a medication, which has a proven bioequivalence and interchangeability with the original Duromine drug. Generics appear on the pharmaceutical market once patent protection of the original drug (Duromine) expires.

Many consumers believe that generics Duromine are worse than the original weight loss drug Duromine. But it’s not true. Generics Duromine 30mg have the same quality, effectiveness and safety as the original Duromine 30mg capsules.

Actually, generics get on pharmaceutical market under international unpatented names (Phentermine, Phentermine hydrochloride), but not under the original name (Duromine).

Duromine 30mgThe international generic name corresponds to the name of active substance, found in Duromine capsules.

Generic Duromine 30mg pills differ from the original Duromine 30mg pills only by the price and appearance.

The price of generics Duromine is much lower than of the original Duromine drug. Therefore, generics Duromine make an effective drug anti-obesity therapy available for all the population segments.

For instance in the USA, over 60% of all medications, released on prescription, are generics. The same situation is observed in other countries of Eastern Europe, like Germany, Switzerland, Austria and New Zealand.

In the USA, generics Duromine 30mg are available under following trade names:

Phentermine hydrochloride, Suprenza, Fastin, Ionamin, Phentermine resin complex Obestin-30, Oby-Trim, Ona Mast and Phentermine Resin 30.

Manufacturers of generics Duromine 30mg in the USA are as follows:

  • Mikah Pharma LLC; Able Laboratories Inc; US Pharma Lab Inc; Tg United Labs LLC; IVAX Pharmaceuticals Inc; Watson Pharmaceuticals is now Actavis Plc; Teva Pharmaceutical industries LTD; Camall Pharmaceutical; Vitarine Pharmaceuticals Inc; US Pharma Lab Inc; Mutual Pharmaceutical Company Inc; Kvk Tech Inc; Sandoz Inc; Lannett Company Inc; Citius Pharmaceuticals LLC; GlaxoSmithKline PLC; UCB Inc; Ferndale Laboratories Inc; Shire-Richwood Inc; Quantum Pharmics Ltd and Lannett Holdings Inc.

On New Zealand pharmaceutical market, Duromine 30mg is only available from iNova Pharmaceuticals (New Zealand) Limited. Until 2006, generic Duromine was produced and sold by Douglas Pharmaceuticals in NZ. In New Zealand pharmacies, this generic was on sale under the trade name – Umine Timed Caps.

It is known that iNova Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of the original weight loss drug Duromine. In addition to that iNova produces the original capsules Duromine 30mg, it also produces generics Duromine 30mg.

In Australian pharmacies, generics Duromine 30mg are accessible under such brand names as Metermine and Phentermine Resin. You can also buy generic Duromine 30mg in Australia under the trade name – Ionamin. The manufacturer of the weight loss drug Ionamin (generic Duromine) is Proqualix Pty Ltd.

If you want to buy generic Duromine 30mg, but you don’t know under what brand name it is sold in the city pharmacies, you can get this information from your doctor. It is possible that Duromine 30mg generics are available under the trade names – Suprenza, Metermine, Terfamex, Adipex, Ionamin, Acxion in your city.