Duromine vs Phentermine

Duromine is a brand name of Phentermine drug. Anti-obesity drug Duromine by iNova Pharmaceuticals is popular in Australia, New Zealand and some other countries of Asia-Pacific region.

Phentermine is an active substance contained in Duromine and in many other anti-obesity drugs manufactured and sold worldwide. If you want to know about properties of Phentermine contained in Duromine and other Phentermine-containing diet pills (e.g., Adipex), learn this review.

Pharmacodynamic properties of all weight loss pills containing Phentermine are completely the same, namely:

  • PhentermineLocalization of action
  • Mechanism of action
  • Pharmacological effects
  • Tolerance and tachyphylaxis

If to consider only the properties listed above, there is no clinically significant difference between Duromine and other Phentermine-containing medicines.

If you do not know what to choose Duromine by iNova or Phentermine by other manufacturers, find out pharmacokinetic properties of drugs.

These properties may vary slightly because:

  • Drugs are supplied in tablets or capsules
  • Amount of the active substance in tablets can be different
  • Various manufacturers add different inactive ingredients

Time of onset and end of anorexigenic effect of any appetite suppressant depends on how quickly the active ingredient gets into the blood plasma and how long it will be there.

One more important pharmacokinetic property is time for drug to reach peak concentration in the blood plasma.

Phentermine tablets contain the active substance in the form of hydrochloride salt. After oral administration of Phentermine tablets, peak concentration of the drug in the blood plasma is reached after 3-4.4 hours.

Extended-release capsules Duromine contain Phentermine resin complex, which has a low absorption rate. The rate of active substance release from the resins depends on the activity of gastrointestinal enzymes and on average is 12 hours.

When using Duromine capsules, peak concentration of the drug in the blood is reached later and is lower than in the use of Phentermine hydrochloride salt.

If continuous anorectic effect is needed, it is better to use Duromine capsules.

If it is difficult for an obese person to control appetite at a certain time, for example at dinner, it is better to use Phentermine tablets.

Before you select and start using anorectic drug, one more important aspect is to be taken into account.

  • Phentermine can increase blood pressure.
  • The likelihood of short-term changes in cardiovascular status may depend on how long
  • Phentermine is in the body, as well as on peak level of the drug in the blood plasma.

The difference between pharmacokinetic properties of Duromine by iNova and Phentermine by other manufacturers is hardly significant for all people; therefore, price of anorexigenic drug can be a paramount aspect.

If you want to reduce the cost of treating overweight or obesity, you should find out how much Duromine is and other appetite suppressants as well to choose the one, which is cheaper.

Price of weight loss pills depends not only on the wholesale price of the manufacturer, but also on the amount of contained active substance.

Duromine capsules contain 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of Phentermine. Diet pills, for example Adipex, contain 37.5mg of Phentermine hydrochloride (equivalent to 30 mg of Phentermine base).