Duromine vs Phen375

Year by year, more and more people realize that health pledge directly depends on person’s general health and body weight. Therefore, struggle against overweight becomes one of the main ambitions in life for many obese people.

It often happens that an obese person needs to lose weight as quickly as possible, but traditional weight loss methods, such as diet, training in the gym, do not help.

So, to achieve the goal, drug treatment of obesity can be recommended.
A large number of drugs promoting rapid weight loss is represented at the international pharmaceutical market. Some of the most effective and well-established drugs are Duromine and Phen375.

Despite the fact that each of the drugs has its own mechanism of action and different ingredients, both Phen375 and Duromine contribute to rapid and safe weight loss.

If to compare these two weight-loss drugs, it can be confidently said that each of them has its own certain advantages and disadvantages.

Duromine vs Phen375

First of all, it should be noted that differences between Phen375 and Duromine are in the mechanism of action of drugs. This is facilitated by different composition of active ingredients that provide clinical effect of these weight-loss drugs.

As an active ingredient, Duromine contains appetite suppressant drug Phentermine, which decreases appetite and dramatically reduces a feeling of hunger by influencing on the hypothalamus.

Thus, anti-obesity medication Duromine has a direct effect on the central nervous system, as well as this drug can also provide peripheral effects on lipid metabolism that confirmed by clinical studies.

Unlike Duromine, Phen375 includes several active ingredients that have a wide range of useful properties and provide rapid weight loss.

L-Carnitine increases the body’s vitality and helps turn fat into energy. Caffeine powder helps to reduce the desire to eat, Citrus Aurantium extract speeds up metabolic processes in the body and promotes fat mobilization.

Cayenne Pepper (capsaicin) is a thermogenic agent, which increases body temperature and helps to burn excess calories. Coleus Forskohlii Root PE is a source of active substances that activate intracellular processes and promote lipolysis.

phen375Consequently, Duromine helps obese people to lose weight, mainly due to appetite suppression and decrease in the feeling of hunger, while effect of Phen375 is directed to several factors predisposing to obesity.

  1. Duromine promotes rapid weight loss due to anorectic effect, but Phen375 does not only suppress appetite, but also increases the rate of metabolic processes in the body and stimulates thermogenesis.
  2. Rapid metabolism and high thermogenesis help to burn extra calories that are usually deposited in the body as adipose tissue; obese patients manage to achieve a gradual and sustainable weight loss due to Phen375.

Despite high efficiency of both drugs, it should be noted that anorectic drug Duromine is intended for short-term use, the duration of one course ideally should not exceed 3 months.

Before to lose weight, the patient needs to think how many kilograms he wants to lose. If obese patient needs to lose weight quickly and significantly, Duromine is best for him. If the patient wants to lose a few extra kilos, it is better to use Phen375.

Clinical studies have shown that in addition to anti-obesity effect, Duromine and Phen375 have a high safety profile and they can be prescribed to obese adolescents.

However, when choosing a particular drug, it is necessary to weigh potential risks and expected benefit of their use, since both drugs have certain side effects.

Although, this does not mean that patients necessarily will experience any adverse effects when using Duromine or Phen375.

According to reviews of many users, Phen375 is easier tolerated than Duromine; this is understandable, as it includes only natural ingredients. However, as follows from the reviews of other patients, Duromine provides a more powerful anorectic effect and it helps more effectively and quickly to lose weight.

In any case, no matter what the drug an obese patient chooses Duromine or Phen375, he can be sure that he will manage to effectively and safely reduce his weight.