Duromine vs Metermine

Duromine and Metermine – are two drugs for obesity treatment that are generic drugs. The manufacturer of these drugs is a pharmaceutical company iNova. Initially, the company owned the rights to produce a sympathomimetic drug Phentermine under the brand name Duromine, but after the patent expiration on this drug, iNova has started to produce this drug under new name – Metermine.

These two drugs have the same properties and provide the same effect; however, price of

  • Metermine is usually lower than that of Duromine.

Unlike Duromine, which is widely used for obesity treatment in many countries, Metermine is available only in Australia.

These medications are produced in capsules; each of them contains 15 mg, 30 mg or 40 mg of active ingredient Phentermine as ion exchange resins.

The capsules may vary in color, depending on the dosage: 15 mg – gray and green color, 30 mg – gray and red, 40 mg – orange and gray. Duromine capsules come in 3, 7, 30, or 300 pieces in plastic bottles or blister packs. Metermine capsules come in 30 pieces and only in blister packs.

MetermineThese drugs are prescribed for obesity treatment only in conjunction with a special course of physical activity and therapeutic diet, without which the use of Duromine or Metermine does not bring the desired slimming effect. These medications effectively help in coping with excess weight and are safe for use by patients, whose body mass index (BMI) is not less than 30 kg / m2.

In patients with a lower BMI, the risk of adverse reactions increases when using Duromine or Metermine.

In addition, drugs containing Phentermine are contraindicated in the availability of hypersensitivity to this substance, as well as in certain diseases.

For example, these diseases include pulmonary hypertension, hyperthyroidism, glaucoma, heart diseases of severe form. Moreover, Metermine and Duromine are contraindicated in patients who abused in the past or continue to abuse of drugs or alcohol.

Use of alcohol-based products during Duromine or Metermine therapy may cause such side effects as confusion or dizziness.

The list of possible side effects for these two drugs are identical. When using Metermine or Duromine, patients most often may experience headache, vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea, nervousness, tremor, rash, tachycardia, hypertension, or palpitations. Because of the risk of insomnia, these drugs should not be used before bedtime.

It is best to use Duromine or Metermine in the morning during breakfast. It is recommended to take a tablet whole with water, without chewing or crushing. This is associated with that a complete absorption of Phentermine as an ion exchange resin is possible only under the action of enzymes that are found in the gastric juice.

The maximum dose of Metermine or Duromine should not exceed 40 mg per day.

The initial dose of one of these drugs is 30 mg per day; subsequently it can be increased, or reduced to 15 mg per day, depending on Phentermine effect on the patient’s body. These drugs are not recommended for elderly people and children under 12 years.

Pregnant women should not use these drugs, because their application may lead to adverse consequences, dangerous for the unborn baby.

Phentermine-containing drugs should not also be used during breastfeeding. Duromine and Metermine are forbidden to use in conjunction with adrenergic blockers, MAO inhibitors, as well as with other sympathomimetic drugs.