Side Effects

Duromine 30mg Side Effects

It is recommended to start obesity therapy with a single dose of Duromine 30mg. It is better to conduct a complex obesity therapy. Therefore, Duromine capsules should be taken in the combination with hypocaloric diet and regular physical loads.

Duromine 30mg capsules have to be taken once daily during the breakfast. The use of Duromine 30mg capsule in the evening may cause side effect, such as insomnia. To prevent insomnia, the single dose of Duromine 30mg should be taken no later than 8-10 hours before bedtime.

Duromine 30mg is an average therapeutic dose. Medical practice shows that the use of any drugs in the average therapeutic dose (including Duromine) is the safest for the patient’s health and does not cause severe side effects.

At the beginning of the obesity therapy, some people may experience side effects from the gastrointestinal tract (GIT): nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, defecation disorders, and bad taste in mouth.

Clinical and non-clinical studies have showed that GIT side effects occur only at the beginning of Duromine 30mg use. Side effects are usually mild, go away on their own and do not require additional treatment.

A course of Duromine use for weight loss should not exceed 3 months. The use of Duromine capsules more than 12 weeks may cause side effects from the central nervous system (CNS).

When using Duromine 30mg capsules, the following CNS side effects can be observed: dizziness, irritability, tremor, nervousness, rapid fatigue. The observance of medical recommendations regarding the duration of Duromine use will help to avoid the development of the CNS side effects.

In post-marketing studies were reported that some obese people, who take Duromine 30mg capsules experience the following side effects: high blood pressure, tachycardia or pain in the heart.

Most often, such side effects occur in people, who have obesity complicated by cardiovascular pathologies or hypertension. Compliance with the nutritionist’s recommendations and dosing regimen of anorexigenic drug will help to prevent the development of side effects while using Duromine 30mg capsules.

If you want to learn more information about the side effects of Duromine 30mg pills, please ask a pharmacist all your questions. You can buy Duromine 30mg pills and get a pharmacist’s consultation not only from Australia or South Africa, but also from any other country.