Duromine 30mg Dosage

Duromine 30mg is among the most popular medications for weight loss in the world. Duromine is sold in different doses in pharmacies. All the doses of Duromine (15mg, 30mg or 40mg) can be prescribed for obesity treatment in teenagers and adults. The most commonly used dosage is Duromine 30mg.

Duromine 30mg for weight loss in adults

Typically, for obesity treatment, person should take Duromine equal to dosage of Phentermine 30 mg. Duromine 30 mg is a starting recommended daily dose for patients, who suffer from class I and class II obesity.

Capsules Duromine 30mg can also be administered to adult patients with a slight excess weight, complicated by some comorbidities. Thus, overweight patients might need to undergo a medical examination before applying Duromine 30mg.

The daily dosage of 30mg can be changed in 5-6 days after using Duromine. Thus, patient should lower the dose, if he feels bad or notices side effects. The most common side effects during the use of Duromine 30mg are: chest pain, swelling of the limbs and a very quick weight loss.

If patient doesn’t have a significant weight loss in one week of using Duromine 30mg, he may require Duromine 40mg. The dose can only be increased, if there are no side effects of Duromine 30mg.

Duromine 30mg for weight loss in children

Duromine 30mg can be applied for obesity treatment in children, aged 12 to 17. If a child is overweight, it is recommended to begin with a minimal dose of Duromine 15mg. In case the minimal daily dose does not provide weight loss, doctor can prescribe Duromine 30mg.

It is not recommended to increase the dose of Duromine 30mg even in children with severe obesity. The fact is that increased dosage of Duromine may affect a child’s health. Therefore, an increase of the daily dose for children can only be held under a supervision of the doctor.

Duromine 30mg for weight loss in elderly people

Elderly people must use the anti-obesity drug Duromine 30 mg with caution. Because every person’s cardiovascular system (CVS) worsens with age.

It is not recommended to take Duromine 30mg in some cardiovascular diseases (for instance, high blood pressure, changes in heart rate), as well as in severe liver disease.

Please pay attention to the fact that you can buy Duromine 30mg pills on online pharmacy and get pharmacist’s consultation. Moreover, you are free to order Duromine 30mg pills online from the USA, Australia, NZ and many other countries of the world.