Duromine 30mg Contraindications

Duromine is an anorexigenic drug, which stimulates human brain and central nervous system (CNS). When the body needs calories, it sends impulses to the brain. Pharmacological effect of Duromine is directed to blocking of these impulses.

Weight loss drug Duromine does not affect the brain’s activity, yet it is contraindicated in severe mental diseases (such as schizophrenia, split personality and paranoia). Severe mental diseases violate the brain’s activity; in particular, they affect processes of thinking and decision-making.

The human brain is a part of the CNS, the function of which is not fully understood. Therefore, doctors cannot predict a 100% what impact Duromine (Phentermine) will have on people with mental disorders. In addition, no people with mental disorders took part in clinical trials of Duromine drug.

Duromine 30mg capsules can be used in mild mental disorders. However, those who are taking some drugs for mental disorders (for example, MAO inhibitors) must be careful.

Most of Duromine contraindications are related to cardiovascular system (CVS). Thus, Duromine may cause some side effects (high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat). Therefore, people with severe CVS disease must never take Duromine.

Usually, obese people have cardiovascular complications and high blood pressure. With such complications, it is not recommended to take any weight loss drugs that can provoke cardiovascular side effects. Doctors prescribe individual anti-obesity therapy to patients with cardiovascular pathologies.

Producer of Duromine capsules (iNova Pharmaceuticals) recommends to take Duromine 30mg capsules as an integral part of the weight loss plan. Therefore, obese people with CVS disorders are highly recommended to follow diets and change their lifestyle. This has to be done, not just to reduce the risk of Duromine side effects, but also to increase the weight loss rate.

Even those obese patients, who suffer from uncomplicated cardiovascular pathologies, can use small doses of Duromine (15mg to 30mg), if they undergo a regular medical examination.

If Duromine 30mg pills are contraindicated to you, you should not buy them online, but choose some other prescription or over-the-counter diet pills.