Duromine 30mg and Alcohol

Clinical studies have demonstrated that side effects may be enhanced after using Duromine 30mg capsules with alcohol. It should also be given that alcohol has not to be included in a diet plan. Therefore, it is better to abstain from alcohol beverages during the medical treatment of obesity.

The process of alcohol absorption differs from the process of absorption of food and beverages.

Alcohol is not digested, but is absorbed into the bloodstream when getting into the stomach. Therefore, it almost immediately penetrates into the liver and brain.

Primary alcohol metabolism is slowed down and its level in the blood is increased in obese people adhering to the diet.

Due to the increase in the blood alcohol level, appetite may be increased and the obese person will be difficult to follow the diet.

Even if the person ceases to feel hunger after using a single dose of Duromine 30mg, the hunger may be increased after the alcohol use, thereby the efficiency of obesity medical treatment can be reduced.

  • One more negative property of alcohol is that it is a diuretic.

The consumption of alcohol before or after using the single dose of Duromine 30mg promotes the excretion of not only liquids, but also useful microelements.

The deficiency of these microelements may cause dehydration and worsen the general health.

Given that like alcohol, Duromine 30mg pills affect the CNS functions, so during the obesity drug therapy the alcohol use may promote:

  • Violation of mental activity
  • Deterioration in the short and long-term memory

Before you start the obesity treatment, remember that Duromine 30mg diet pills are better not to use before, after or simultaneously with alcohol. It should be considered especially in the cases when the person’s professional activity requires rapid physical and mental reactions.

Such activities include: any types of work at height, maintenance of equipment and mechanisms, driving a vehicle.

If you want to buy Duromine 30mg pills but have never taken them before, ask all your questions using phone or email before placing your order.