Duromine 30mg Success Stories

A success story of Jessica, whose starting weight was 210 lbs and achieved weight – 150 lbs.

Initially, Jessica didn’t plan to lose 60 lbs, she just wanted to lose a couple of pounds. Jessica said that she tried many different diets and slimming pills, but the only effective result she got, was with Duromine capsules.

It is known that when using weight loss capsules Duromine, people should keep balanced diet and do physical exercises regularly. Well, Jessica couldn’t go to the gym regularly, because she was totally busy. Instead, she decided to start walking on a fresh air every day.

Thus, in addition to Duromine 30mg capsules and balanced diet, Jessica was walking about 4 miles per day. As a result, she managed to lose weight and avoided the risk of some disorders. At the end of the first treatment course with Duromine 30mg, Jessica lost 25 lbs.

Once the treatment was over, Jessica continued a hypocaloric diet and her daily walking. Three months later, Jessica repeated her anti-obesity drug therapy. This time, she was able to lose 35 lbs, thanks to a daily dose of Duromine 30mg, taken within 12 weeks, balanced diet and of course, her daily walking.

Overall, Jessica lost 60 pounds within 9 months. Moreover, she managed to keep the achieved weight for 4 years. After that, Jessica has never used Duromine capsules again. But she still keeps eating healthy and walking every day. Jessica even took a dog as a motivation for regular walking.

Jessica noted that after weight loss, she needs much less food to feel full. In case she consumes more calories than her usual diet requires, she increases the intensity of physical activity. Increasing the time of walking within several days helps Jessica to reduce the amount of fat in the body.

It has been almost 10 years since this anti-obesity drug therapy was held. Today, Jessica’s weight ranges between 165 and 170 pounds. She is very happy with the results and recommends those, who cannot lose weight to use her method. Jessica says that Duromine capsules (one capsule Duromine 30mg per day) helped her to stick to dietary restrictions.

Because Duromine provides anorexigenic effect, people can adhere to any dietary restriction when using it. Jessica noted that while she was taking Duromine 30mg capsules, she was able to form a proper diet. Keeping a healthy diet after the termination of the weight loss capsules Duromine, helped her to save the achieved weight for long time.

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