Duromine 30mg Review

Duromine capsules contain active ingredient Phentermine in form of ion-exchange resin complex. This ion-exchange complex provides a slow release of the active substance – Phentermine. Due to a slow release of Phentermine, an anorexigenic effect of Duromine lasts all day long.

Duromine drug is approved for obesity treatment in people with BMI above 30 and those, who have BMI 25 with obesity-related diseases (diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia or hypertension).

Duromine capsules are prescribed as an adjunct to total weight control (balanced diet and regular physical exercises).

It is recommended to initiate obesity therapy by using a single dose – Duromine 30mg. In fact, Duromine 30mg is an average therapeutic dose. Not just the efficiency of obesity therapy depends on the Duromine dose, but human security as well.

An individual hypersensitivity of the body to the active substance Phentermine depends on many factors, such as: body mass, age, gender, metabolism rate, blood flow, liver and kidney functions, compound and amount of food (consumed during Duromine therapy), usage of other medications, etc.

Thus, an average therapeutic dosage Duromine 30mg can be either increased up to 40mg or decreased down to 15mg, for human security. Sometimes, the use of a single dose Duromine 30mg can cause side effects (nausea or dizziness). In that case, the average therapeutic dose Duromine 30mg has to be reduced down to a minimal one – Duromine 15mg.

If Duromine 30mg capsules do not provide you an optimal therapeutic effect, the daily dose of the weight loss drug must be increased up to Duromine 40mg. Duromine 40mg is a maximal daily dose, which must never be exceeded.

Exceeding of a daily dose Duromine 40mg may cause severe side effects (including in cardiovascular system).

Obesity violates Duromine metabolism in the liver and slows down the excretory function of the kidneys. Therefore, people with renal and (or) hepatic insufficiency are recommended to begin using Duromine weight loss drug at a minimal dose (Duromine 15mg).

As long as the body weight decreases and the function of liver and (or) kidneys is restored, Duromine dose can be increased up to the average therapeutic dose (Duromine 30mg).

Before purchasing the weight loss capsules Duromine 30mg online no Rx, please make sure these capsules are not contraindicated to you. Information about Duromine 30mg contraindications you may find out from your therapist or a pharmacist from online pharmacy.