Duromine 30mg in South Africa

iNova is the only company supplying Phentermine pills in South Africa. For over 10 years, Phentermine 15mg pills and Phentermine 30mg pills are sold in South Africa. In SA pharmacies, these weight loss pills are sold under brand name Duromine.

Duromine price depends on Phentermine dosage in a capsule (15mg or 30mg). A package of Duromine 15mg pills costs about 17 USD. A package of Duromine 30mg pills costs about 22 USD. A package contains 30 weight loss pills of Duromine 15mg or Duromine 30mg.

Duromine is sold in South Africa by prescription only. As an alternative to prescription pills of Duromine 30mg and 15mg, over-the-counter pills Alli 60mg (Orlistat 60mg) are prescribed in South Africa.

The supplier of Alli weight loss pills in South Africa is GlaxoSmithKline company. Packs with 42 Alli pills (the recommended retail price is 12 USD) and with 84 Alli pills (the recommended retail price is 24 USD) are available for sale.

Unlike to slimming pills Duromine 30mg and 15mg, Orlistat 60mg pills do not affect central nervous system, do not cause severe side effects and drug dependence.

That is why Alli pills are sold without a prescription. However, Alli pills have an unpleasant side effect (diarrhea), therefore many obese people stop using them in the first month of the treatment.

  • Duromine is not the only Rx anti-obesity drug in South Africa.

Diet pills Sibutramine 15mg and 10mg are also sold in SA pharmacies. The suppliers of Sibutramine pills in South Africa are 3 pharmaceutical companies.

  • Abbott sells Sibutramine pills in SA under the brand Ectiva and Reductil.
  • Cipla Medpro sells Sibutramine pills in SA under the brand Ciplatrim.
  • Adcock Ingram Limited sells Sibutramine pills in SA under brand Leantil.

The cost of slimming pills Ectiva, Reductil, Ciplatrim and Leantil in South Africa is almost the same as Duromine 30mg and 15 mg pills has.

Thus, those, who decide to replace Duromine pills for Sibutramine capsules, will not be able to reduce the costs for the obesity treatment.

If you want to reduce your costs for fighting obesity, you can buy cheap Duromine 30mg capsules on online pharmacy. Before you purchase Duromine 30mg online, make sure that these slimming capsules can be delivered to the region you live.