Duromine 30mg Forum / Review

People, who have excess weight, usually take weight loss drug Duromine as appetite suppressant. It is recommended to take Duromine capsules only in combination with a low-calorie diet and physical activity. Because you cannot get maximal weight loss, if you take Duromine 30mg capsules alone, without diet and exercises.

To get information on the weight loss capsules Duromine 30mg, you can visit special forum and read some reviews about Duromine. People share their own experience on the use of Duromine 30mg capsules in these reviews.

DuromineFor instance, a forum’s user Michelle posted the review about her successful weight loss, achieved by means of weight loss drug Duromine.

In her “effective weight loss” post, Michelle writes that she found out about Duromine weight loss drug from the Internet.

After Michelle has read the information on Duromine, she decided to add slimming pills Duromine to her weight loss program.

The girl was very pleased with the result she got after a three months therapy with Duromine 30mg capsules.

In her Duromine review, Michelle wrote that she felt the drug’s weight loss effect from the very first Duromine capsule. Having taken just one Duromine capsule, she wasn’t hungry throughout the day. Besides, Michelle wasn’t hungry all days after that, so she only needed much less food than she used to eat before taking Duromine 30mg capsules.

Moreover, she stopped snacking in between the meals and never took sweets since then.

In the end of her Duromine 30mg pills review, Michelle wrote that she managed to lose 30 pounds within three months. The girl also wrote that after she had stopped taking Duromine capsules, she kept following her healthy lifestyle. Balanced menu and workouts saved Michelle’s results for 18 months.

Well, there are many reviews on Duromine forums, less positive than Michelle’s feedback. For example, Alex left a comment about his experience with Duromine, saying he had to titrate Duromine dose to get some good weight loss. Moreover, one intake of Duromine 30mg pill caused him side effects (nausea, dizziness).

That is why he had to lessen the daily dose Duromine 30mg down to a minimal one – Duromine 15 mg.

In his Duromine 30mg pills review, Alex also wrote that after reducing the dose down to 15mg, the weight loss rate remained the same. The young man has been taking Duromine 15mg capsules for 10 weeks. During this period, his weight decreased down to 23 pounds. Alex hopes that he will lose another 8-10 pounds with Duromine 15mg treatment course during the next 2 weeks.

In addition, Alex shared in his review that he had found plenty of useful information on Duromine forums, which helped him to reach maximum weight loss results. Now he knows that if he wants to keep the result of his weight loss for a long time, after the withdrawal of Duromine capsules he should stick to a balanced diet and continue exercising regularly.