Duromine 30mg Capsules

Duromine is a trade name of Phentermine weight loss drug. Duromine is available in Australia and New Zealand. Duromine drug provides anorexigenic effect and it is prescribed for obesity treatment. Duromine capsules are indicated as a short-term supplement along with hypocaloric diet and physical exercises.

Duromine 30mg CapsulesDoctors prescribe weight loss capsules Duromine to people, whose excess weight poses a medical threat to the health. Duromine 30 mg capsules are prescribed to patients with BMI above 30 and those people, whose BMI is 25 and above, only they have some comorbidities (hypertension, diabetes or dyslipidemia).

Duromine 30 mg capsules have grey and brownish-red color with an imprint of Duromine 30 on them. Each capsule of Duromine 30 mg contains 30 mg of the active substance – Phentermine. Apart from the active substance (Phentermine), every Duromine 30 mg capsule contains: liquid paraffin, gelatin, carbon black (CI 77266), lactose, titanium dioxide and magnesium stearate.

In Australia, iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Pty Limited is a manufacturer of Duromine 30 mg capsules. In New Zealand, Duromine 30 mg capsules are produced by iNova Pharmaceuticals (New Zealand) Limited.

However, for appetite suppression, people not only can use the original Duromine capsules, but also generics Duromine.

Generics Duromine are called those drugs that contain exactly the same active ingredient – Phentermine, as the original Duromine drug. Both generics Duromine (with active substance Phentermine) and original weight loss drug Duromine provide equal therapeutic effect.

Hence, Phentermine tablets can be used for weight loss as alternative means to Duromine capsules. On global pharmaceutical market, Phentermine tablets are accessible under various trade names. Phentermine manufacturers are dozens of pharmaceutical companies. For instance in the USA, you can buy weight loss tablets, containing Phentermine under such trade names as Phentermine hydrochloride, Suprenza and Adipex.

In the most cases, Phentermine tablets (generic Duromine capsules) are oval or oblong shaped. Phentermine tablets are white with blue specks.

  1. Tablets, based on Phentermine, must have an imprint.
  2. This can be either the name of the manufacturer (MUTUAL, BARR) or a code (MR 273, R 159).
  3. Just as Duromine capsules, Phentermine tablets should be used once a day, before breakfast.
  4. Original Duromine capsules and generics Duromine (Phentemrine tablets) provide anorexigenic effect.
  5. Therefore, after the intake of just one tablet or capsule of Phentermine, patient ceases feel hungry, so he needs a small amount of food to feel full.
  6. If doctor prescribed you Duromine capsules for appetite loss, but they are expensive in the city pharmacies, the doctor can prescribe you a generic Duromine (Phentermine tablets).
  7. In case there are no drugs with Phentermine in your city, you can easily buy tablets or capsules Phentermine on online pharmacy.

If you have been taken only Duromine capsules for weight loss and want to get more information on Phentermine tablets, you can ask the pharmacist of the online pharmacy any questions you want.