Duromine 30mg in Australia

Duromine 30mg is produced in Australia by pharmacological company INova Pharmaceuticals. This company specializes on production and promotion of wide range of prescription and non-prescription medications, including weight loss drugs (for example, Metermine and Phentermine Resin).

By the end of 2011, INova became a part of largest global company – Valeant Pharmaceuticals International. This deal is strengthening INova position on the Australian market and promoting the brand Duromine in the South Africa and Southeast Asia. Even now, (2014) Duromine 30mg capsules are available on some pharmaceutical markets (for instance, in New Zealand).

  1. In fact, it is beneficial to buy the weight loss drug Duromine in Australia.
  2. The price of Duromine 30mg capsules in Australia is much lower than in other countries of the world.
  3. The reason is quite simple: transport and other costs are much smaller than in other countries.
  4. Besides, Duromine 30mg capsules have not been widespread on the pharmacological markets in some countries.
  5. Therefore, huge advertising costs may have a great impact on Duromine price.
  6. Overweight or obese people can purchase Duromine drug in Australian pharmacies, if they have the doctor’s prescription.
  7. Australians with BMI 30 and above are those, who buy Duromine 30mg capsules most of all.
  8. Western Australia is a leader in sales and consumption of Duromine 30mg capsules.
  9. It is no surprising, since most overweight Australian people live in this state (about 75% of all the state population).
  10. In other states, there is a fewer number of overweight Australians, approximately by 10-15%.
  11. Still, this number is steadily growing.Every year, the number of overweight and obese children is growing in Australia.
  12. Unfortunately, this may cause an increase of obesity incidence in adults.

In Australia, it is allowed to use Duromine 30mg capsules in overweight and obese children of 12 years old and over. This will reduce the number of overweight children, reducing the risk of adverse events and improving the nation’s health.

Australians health is steadily getting worse because of sedentary lifestyle and fast food addiction. Thus, we can assume that in the nearest future, the sales of the weight loss drugs will be increasing, despite slowing of development of the global pharmacological market and global recession.