Adipex-P and Duromine comparison

Adipex-P and Duromine are drugs for weight loss. They are used to treat exogenous obesity. Both drugs are sympathomimetic amines used as a short-term adjunct during the weight loss process.

Use of Duromine and Adipex-P gives positive results when treating obesity combined with exercises and changes in eating behavior. These medicines are taken orally.

Dosage forms of these drugs differ, Adipex-P is manufactured in capsules and tablets, but Duromine – only in capsules.

Both medications contain the same active ingredient – an anorexigenic agent Phentermine represented in them in different types.

Adipex-P contains phentermine hydrochloride, but Duromine contains Phentermine as an ion-exchange resin complex. These types of Phentermine affect pharmacological effect in the body.

After taking Adipex-P, the peak concentration of Phentermine is achieved after 3-4 hours. The release period of the active ingredient in Duromine makes 10 to 14 hours. This is affected by:

  • strong resin structure;
  • concentration of cations in the gastrointestinal tract, in which release occurs.

This data helps the attending physician, as well as the patient to choose the more suitable drug. Phentermine dosage in these weight loss medications has some differences.

Adipex-PSo, Adipex-P tablets / capsules contain 37.5 mg phentermine hydrochloride, but Duromine capsules have different dosage strengths:

  • Duromine 15 mg – the minimum dosage;
  • Duromine 30 mg – the average dosage;
  • Duromine 40 mg – the maximum dosage.

Considering Duromine as an obesity treatment, you can use additional dosage forms of this drug – 15 mg and 40 mg.

Duromine 15 mg can be useful to people who are prescribed with the minimum dose of the active ingredient Phentermine, and Duromine 40 mg is intended for patients whose obesity requires more intensive treatment.

You should know that one Adipex-P capsule / tablet intake is equal to the average dose of Duromine by the amount of the active ingredient Phentermine.

Adipex-P and Duromine anti-obesity drugs contain excipients that have both similarities and differences.

  • capsules – gelatin, iron oxide black, propylene glycol, magnesium stearate, corn starch, shellac, lactose monohydrate and titanium dioxide;
  • tablets – lactose, magnesium stearate, sucrose, pregelatinized starch, corn starch, cellulose.

Duromine capsules come in different dosage strengths, but they all contain the following excipients:

  • liquid paraffin;
  • gelatin;
  • iron oxide (CI 77499);
  • lactose;
  • titanium dioxide;
  • magnesium stearate.

Color of Duromine capsules differs depending on the dosage strengths. This is due to the dyes of synthetic origin contained in them:

  • Duromine 15 mg – triarylmethane dye FCF (CI 2090) and iron oxide yellow (CI 77492);
  • Duromine 30 – iron oxide red (CI 77491);
  • Duromine 40 – erythrosine (CI 45430), triarylmethane dye FCF (CI 15985).

The age at which Adipex-P and Duromine can be used for weight reduction is different. The patient must be at least 16 years old to use Adipex-P, but Duromine can be used in patients aged 12 years to treat obesity.

Before prescribing the drug for obesity treatment, a weight loss expert takes into account the patient’s inherent characteristics:

  • degree of obesity;
  • weight;
  • age.

Other factors can also affect decision-making on the duration of using certain drugs, their dosage, etc.

The minimum body mass index of a patient is to be 30 or more in order to prescribe one of these drugs for weight loss.

However, in certain cases, such as concomitant diseases, exacerbation of already existing health problems, a BMI can be 27 to use Adipex-P, and 25-29.9 to use Duromine.

Both weight loss drugs may cause addiction, as well as an overdose. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendation on the use of these medicines.

When treating obesity using Adipex-P or Duromine, it is contraindicated to:

  • take other medications to treat obesity;
  • drink alcohol;
  • exceed the prescribed dosage of the drug;
  • use the drug for longer than it is prescribed.

Side effects of Duromine and Adipex-P are similar. Here are the main ones:

  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • headache;
  • mood swings;
  • dry mouth;
  • heart palpitations, etc.

The list of side effects mentioned above is not exhaustive.

Just as other medications, Adipex-P and Duromine have side effects. After appearance of any changes in the health state, the patient should immediately inform his attending physician.

Weight loss drug Adipex-P is manufactured in America by the pharmaceutical company Teva Pharmaceuticals. In the US, many companies produce medicines containing Phentermine. This promotes healthy competition and affects the pricing of medicinal products in this segment of the pharmaceutical market.

Duromine drug is manufactured in Australia by the monopolistic company iNova Pharmaceuticals. For this reason, this drug is more expensive than Adipex-P in America.

It is impossible to purchase Adipex-P in the Australian pharmacy chain, only via the Internet, the same as Duromine in the United States.

Buying these drugs through internet intermediary, make sure that the supplier does not violate the law on the sale of pharmaceutical products and all accompanying documentation is available.