3 exercises for modeling a figure

modeling a figure

Star coach Jacquelyn Umof tells and shows three simple exercises that will help you keep your figure in a great shape.

“Your motivation to train must be love to your body, and not the desire to change it”

thinks Jacquelyn Umof

, personal trainer of celebrities and Instagram star (her account has more than 110 thousand followers!).

Jacquelyn developed a set of exercises that you can do yourself at home. The woman explains

“These exercises will help you give your body, and especially the buttocks, a toned look and slenderness.”

Exercise “Rainbow”

Exercise trains all muscle groups. In particular, it helps tighten the buttocks.

  1. EXERCISE "RAINBOW"Stand on all fours, put your hands strictly perpendicular to the shoulder line, and your knees – perpendicular to the thigh line.
  2. Tightly press the palms to the floor to ensure stability and synchronize the body movement.
  3. Pull the leg perpendicular to the torso.Raise it as high as possible.
  4. Move it to the other side with an arcuate movement, behind the supporting leg, and touch the floor with your thumb.
  5. Return to the starting position.

Do 20-30 repetitions for each leg.

“The more repetitions you perform, the higher the training efficiency and the more susceptible the muscles become. Yes, you will feel tired, but at the same time feel your own strength,” explains Jacquelyn.

Exercise “Swallow Bird”

This exercise is a strength variation of the classical ballet movement, which involves intense and even painful stretching of the muscles of the:

  • body,
  • back,
  • hamstrings.

It is carried out with a support. For this purpose, you can use an armchair or bench in the park.

  1. SWALLOW BIRDPress your hands against the support and place the bent leg between them.
  2. Straighten, and then move your body forward to engage the muscles.
  3. Raise the bent leg, pressing the knee to the chest.
  4. Take your foot back, as if doing a “swallow stand scale” (single-leg balance).
  5. old the body straight to give a load to the back muscles.
  6. Straighten back the leg and raise it as high as possible.Count to two.
  7. Return to the starting position.

Repeat the exercise 20-30 times with each leg.

Exercise “Jump-plie”

Exercise allows adjusting the contours of the legs, trains the quadriceps, buttocks and muscles of the back of the thigh. It also provides a beneficial effect for your heart.

  1. EXERCISE "JUMP-PLIE"he starting position is – hands on the waist, heels together.
  2. Tighten the muscles of the body to maintain balance, and do a plie, bending your legs so that your knees are parallel to the big toes.
  3. Then, jumping up, spread your legs and bend your knees.
  4. Jump once more and lower your legs.

Perform the exercise in three sets, making 10 jumps for each set.